Single Mom Sisterhood

Stories of hope for single moms


No one understands the life of a single mom–except single moms. Single Mom Sisterhood was created as a forum of news, thoughts, inspiration and understanding by a single mom  for single moms — and for those who seek to understand the world of single moms.

Sometimes, you just need someone to understand. Other times, single moms need the encouragement that others have experienced similar challenges and to know that there is light through the darkness. And often, learning of other single moms’ struggles and successes can provide much needed inspiration.

Elaine Speer is a 50-year-old single mom. Divorced when her son was 5-years-old, Nolan is now in 7th grade. Living in Florida, together with their two dogs, she muddles through the challenges of being a single mom. If not for the support of her parents and dozens of other single moms, she’s not sure how she would survive. Elaine’s parents have been married for 52 years, providing her and son much needed love and emotional support. But still, Elaine’s parents can’t fully comprehend the loneliness, desperation and daily unending struggles of living as a single mom.

Elaine is the author upcoming book: “The Single Mom Sisterhood: Stories of courage, survival and hope to heal the soul and fuel the spirit.” More about Elaine can be found at


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